THE UNFIXED MEMBERSHIP  ($25.00 per week)



  • Week by week membership. 

  • Cancel anytime.

  • 24/7 Access

  • Minimum 1 week contract. You can suspend the membership if you will use the facility at random periods during the year.

  • Photo ID and a current vaccine certificate required.

  • A $15 admin fee applies to all new sign-ups. If you are likely to use the facility in the future you must put the membership on hold, otherwise you will be charged another new sign-up fee.


Special Conditions

  • Minimum 1 weeks notice must be given to cancel the membership! (eg if you only want one weeks access you must give one weeks notice via email on the sign-up day).

  • All Cancellations and Suspensions, vaccine certificates and photo ID must be emailed to

  • NOTE: Access codes issued to members shall remain confidential and your membership will be treated as active until the membership is properly terminated. Swipe cards must be returned in the letterbox.


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