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  1. All members train at their own risk.  Accident or injury may result from exercise or exercise equipment. Renegade Fitness Limited management and staff will have no liability whatever for any injury or accident that results from the use of its premises or equipment, or from information provided by staff.  You will use common sense when exercising, will carefully follow the instructions for equipment-use and if in any doubt about any medical condition will consult your GP or specialist.

  2. Your membership is for the term stated in your contract (“Term”).  You will honour the full Term of this contract and will make payment in full to Renegade Fitness Limited for the Term, whether or not you make use the facilities offered by Renegade Fitness Limited for the whole of the Term.  

  3. You will not be notified at the completion of your minimum term of the membership.  You accept your responsibility to ensure your membership payments are up to date if you wish to continue your use of Renegade Fitness Limited facilities.

  4. Seven (7) days’ notice of cancellation of your membership is required in writing, emailed to  Early cancellation for health reasons will require a doctor’s letter. An early cancellation fee of $150, in addition to the outstanding balance of your membership fee for the Term as owed, will be charged if your membership is cancelled early or improperly.

  5. All outstanding accounts will incur a $15 penalty  fee, for each dishonored debit transaction.  All collection fees (including solicitor and client costs) incurred in the recovery of any outstanding membership fees will be payable by you. 

  6. Swipe cards issued to members will remain the property of Renegade Fitness Limited.  A fee of $25.00 will be charged to you and will not be refunded upon the return of your card.  Cards are to be returned within 7 days of  the termination of membership.

  7. For security reasons and under the New Zealand Government’s COVID-19 protection framework  you agree to swipe your card each time you use Renegade Fitness Limited facilities.

  8. Under no circumstances will you allow your swipe card to be used by any person other than you.  Any breach of this policy will result in the immediate cancellation of your membership (without refund of any kind) and potential prosecution.  You will discuss any proposed attendance by family members or friends with Renegade Fitness Limited staff before allowing any such access.

  9. All private sessions between you and a Personal Trainer (“PT”) attached to Renegade Fitness Limited will be on terms as contracted solely between you and the PT.  Renegade Fitness Limited will have no liability whatever under such contracts except that you agree that 24 hours’ notice will be required when cancelling PT appointments, and the PT will be entitled to charge 50% of the session fee if less than 24 hours’ notice is given. Renegade Fitness Limited, while using all care in providing any personal training and nutrition and diet advice or instruction (“instruction”) will not be liable for any illness, injury or any other consequence of the instruction that may occur to you and you agree to receive such instruction entirely at your own risk. Where the terms of this clause conflict with any other terms contracted between you and a PT or Renegade Fitness Limited this clause shall prevail.

  10. You will not allow any person to access Renegade Fitness Limited premises without the prior consent of management.

  11. You will respect Renegade Fitness Limited operations, patrons and facilities.  

  12. You agree to use Renegade Fitness Limited designated member parking or public street parking only. You further agree that you will not park in any park designated to any neighbouring business premises. If you use Renegade Fitness Limited designated parking, you will replace the demarcation bollards on departure.

  13. You agree to inform Renegade Fitness Limited of any address/phone/email changes so that our records remain up to date.

  14. You agree to wear appropriate exercise apparel and footwear at all times when using the gym. No work boots, street shoes or jandals are to be worn at any time. You agreed to ensure your footwear is clean upon entering Renegade Fitness Premises.  You agree to use a towel on Renegade Fitness Limited equipment when working out and to replace all equipment to its proper place when you have finished using it. This is for your own safety and hygiene and also for the safety and hygiene of other members. Training towels are not provided by Renegade Fitness Limited.

  15. You agree that in the event of a power outage, water or sewage leak or natural disaster or any other event beyond Renegade Fitness Limited’s control, access to Renegade Fitness Limited Premises may be prevented. In such event Renegade Fitness Limited will not be liable to compensate or reimburse you. For the avoidance of doubt “any other event beyond Renegade Fitness Limited’s” control includes requirements imposed on Renegade Fitness Limited under the New Zealand Government’s COVID-19 protection framework to restrict access to the premises to members who are the holders of vaccination passports only.

  16. You agree to properly look after and use Renegade Fitness Limited equipment in accordance with Renegade Fitness Limited staff’s directions and the equipment instructions.  You will be responsible for and will pay to Renegade Fitness Limited on demand the $350 excess insurance cost of any damage to the equipment caused through your misuse.

  17. Renegade Fitness Limited reserves the right to cancel your membership on immediate notice at its sole discretion. Grounds for such cancellation may include, but are not limited to, non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, abuse of Renegade Fitness Limited staff, equipment or other members, theft or unacceptable conduct either within or outside Renegade Fitness Limited premises.  Upon such cancellation the member will have no further right or claim against Renegade Fitness Limited.

  18. The member accepts and agrees that Renegade Fitness Limited premises is limited to 40 users maximum at any one time. Accordingly, there may be times when access is denied to the member due to maximum numbers being reached and that accordingly access to Renegade Fitness Limited premises at all times cannot be guaranteed. In such event Renegade Fitness Limited will not be liable to compensate or reimburse you.

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Unit 2

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PHONE 021 0298 1942


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